New advert for analysis

First seen on ITV during Saturday morning in between the rugby world cup, this advert nearly floored me when I realised that it had effectively rendered my sentiments three dimensionally!

Right down to my scribbling traffic cones as the trumpets of flowers on Costa napkins. I can’t work out if thats reassuring and vindicating of the concept or just irritating that they so publicly got there before I did…

Thinking about it more deeply, I can make some direct comparisons between its intentions and my own. My impression of the world as a place that is dominated by technology in the  literal sense, is visualised to serves as a contrast to the improved performance of the car. While the world is made to look attractive and new-again through its construction in technology, I think it serves to highlight the relevance of my idea to people who will be capable of understanding that I too have substituted the natural for unnatural.

Furthermore as this advert demonstrates, I think the key to its impact is in making the fusion appear natural and seamless. As my sister remarked when I had fished a copy of it from Youtube, its like traffic cones could always have been make into towers of foxgloves. You look at them and wonder why you didn’t see it before. Do people see the roadsigns first or do they see the petals of a flower moving in the breeze? This seems to have been achieved by the use of distance and close-up shots in the advert, to suggest one appearance to the viewer before cutting to a revealing scene of much greater detail that allows identification of the unnatural objects. Very little alteration has been made to the driving related objects in many examples. Where changes have been made, this is to perpetuate the appearance of organic.

I was going to suggest that the flock of geese flying overhead were the only organic thing in the whole advert, but a subsequent viewing to check has revealed a metallic sheen to their wings.

To borrow the words of one online motoring website, we are truly ‘…leav[ing] behind the real world in favor of a computer-generated one filled with life forms based on cars and other driving-related objects’

((Stills taken for sketchbook reference))

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