Fantastic Plastic!

Today has been quite productive, with a lot of paper journaling as well as visualising potential ideas with the computer. One of these involved encouraging people to smash in shop windows. Should probably think of a way around that…

Fantastic Plastic

For the last few hours I’ve been playing with the idea that if personal debt and credit cards are one of the the reasons people are reluctant to spend at the moment, it might be fun to make it sound attractive once again. I could see the Fantastic Plastic slogan in a retro typeface and made the rest to match. I can’t quite pin down the era I’m thinking of but I’m fairly sure its the 50s… Its a fairly innocent looking facade, with sweet candy colours but I need to find a way to sneak in a sinister shape or element. Perhaps a Mastercard logo?

I love the idea of brightening up spaces that are a point of irritation, but the possibility of slipping in something is tempting. No, its necessary to add to the dual tone established by the slogan. Plastic is not fantastic- its bad for a lot of people in the UK but also a way of life for many more. Its embedded in our culture and lifestyle habits.

**Some time later**


Well now I have a headache and a poster with a decade identity crisis. Its glaringly 80s but also very eye catching. And without the bubble and type and saved as a pdf, it actually looks quite good. But is it relevant?

FPlastic without text

Now is probably a good time to mention that this website was a helpful boost of enthusiasm when I was going cross-eyed. I’m seriously beginning to question my own taste now. Perhaps I’ve been staring at it too long. I might try out printing a few and taping them together out of morbid curiosity.


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