New week, new angle

Just making a note of a few things for tomorrow:

Lookup Adbusters – If I’m going to try making the mastercard-candy coloured idea work, it needs to have some teeth. Adbusters pulls no punches and can use

Even has a section of the website with iconic ‘Buyological Urge’ images and spoof adverts: also All v.useful to think about how we are sold credit, the idea and act of spending and consuming. Are people as inclined now to shop to make themselves feel better? Sickly sweet graphics are the way to go, with a sharper message for the people who hang around long enough to think about it.

I seem to have fixed all the bugs dotted around the edges of the repeat I constructed, which was doubly sped up after I realised that there was a couple pixel border/gap around each tile that was throwing everything out of whack. Maybe gift wrapping the shop would be fun. The ribbon could look exactly like a curling till receipt and the star could be much cheaper looking. The only problem with some designs is creating negative space…it has to be filled with something!


Those credit card logos look a little like lollipops from this angle, or maybe japanese dango. Perhaps I need to make a sweet shop! Consume more! The logos you know and love are tempting you! I suppose the counterpoint to that scenario would be the dentist-come-pawn shop. Perhaps a sign in the corner pointing down the road?

Things to think about: Adbusters treatment of audiences- theres no way around not writing my way through that one. Apologies in advance! + How new idea/concept would be fleshed out in actuality and target audience appeal.

Then Tuesday, check in with tutor and prepare to completely change concept and ideas in space of 6 hours

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