Sharp / Soft

More Adbusters images, that fit with my slant of humour in possibly encouraging people to buy more inspite of their circumstances not being comfortable. (Follow image links to larger copies)

adbusters no.97

adbusters no.96adbusters no.98

Images taken from the Adbusters website, showing previews of the editions available to order. If these are still relevant tomorrow, I’ll probably get some better quality copies from the collection at Uni. These fit in tone with a couple of my ideas that I have had, in visually inverting the ‘pulling the wool over the eyes of the public’ argument. This becomes a little darker and uncomfortable than my Super Sweet style that also aimed to used gentle subversion.

My only concern with this approach is that the tone is very derogatory and angry towards consumers, which in my opinion for the space I have chosen, is not quite appropriate. I can’t imagine people being chastised for their lifestyle choices up till recently will make people warm to the content. Or being told with a not so thinly veiled subtlety, that . People know that and they’ve probably had enough of it on the news. It’ll rile people up but ohboy does it look good.

I also can’t help thinking these have more to do with consumer issues, commercialisation and consumerism. I don’t mind wading into these waters, but not have a particularly strong opinion of my own, I’d have to adopt someone elses pretty fast. Things are exploding, we are still feeling compelled and encouraged to spend what we can on items that have prices cut to the bone. But there is a huge amount of awareness, this is not an audience eye-opening avenue of ideas.


Whats hitting people is the effect at home. Its something I hadn’t considered before, being a student and living at home in what is probably a comparatively carefree existence to some people my age. Admittedly I don’t watch/read/listen to the news as much as I really should to do pass by as functioning adult in society, but I am aware that new statistics have recently been released regarding the poverty line in the UK. I have an inkling that these could be teamed up as the counter text to my image based idea regarding how we are now being forced to re-evaluate Need and Want in our changing lifestyles. I’m going to sketch it up some more than I have already and float it tomorrow as a piece of up-to-date commentary.

Another aspect of my space I had not previously considered is that when the school children stand outside the row of shops by the bus stop, they would obscure the window contents. This would dramatically cut out a window of time that people would be able to see my posters. But would the people blocking it at that time of day be as interested in it as the people catching a bus home later on at 5pm, when the shop front had cleared? I don’t think so. The people leaving work are the ones with what is likely to be a daily 9-5 in the town centre, young to middle aged and most likely with accommodation of their own. The ones with houses possibly with children? The younger ones might be without children, but perhaps they aspire to move out/live independently soon? Taking public transport implies a lack of money for personal transport or it is being used a a way to save money on running a car. Money enough to run a household is being stretched these days and I think that is one of the first and foremost things on minds at the moment.

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