A concept appears

Having spent a sizeable portion of the time after sketching it out reasoning it away as too complex, a one-to-one tutorial has made me realise that it might be more understandable than I thought! I think I had underestimated the potency and blunt simplicity of the contrast my chosen images presented. Coupled with an insight of new blood from the most recent developments in statistics released by the Government regarding poverty levels in the UK, I think it is a much more confident animal than the falsely positive one I was originally trying to press forward.

My original written blurb of explanation in my journal is far too long to type out, but I will attempt to detail it briefly here…


This is mostly playing off the ingrained habits we have developed that have resulted us in having difficulty distinguishing what we need and what we want. What we need is enough food and clothes. What we want is a top of the range mobile phone or laptop. In the times when money is becoming even more difficult to stretch as far as we would be comfortable, it is time for a blunt re-evaluation of how we spend what money we have and how we prioritise spending.

Taking the In Case of Emergency Break Glass concept forward, I now need to refine the design of the window display as I have continued to sketch it.  I might start small first to establish how the red box would appear and mock up a 3D model to take pictures of my Needs/Wants in.

I’m actually pretty happy I’ve settled on an idea now and can make some headway in a direction I know won’t change dramatically!

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