Steps to realising

I’ve just started messing around on Illustrator, trying to make a similar but more simplistic visual adaptation of an emergency alarm, as found in buildings.

Box mockups

Tomorrow is a bit of a non-starter for this project, as a couple of appointments have rendered me with about 2 consecutive hours with which to sit down and concentrate properly, but I’m hoping to use my out-and-aboutness as a lead to:

1. Buy some foamboard to make a pristine white cube as a set in which I can take the photos of Needs and Wants. But this won’t be much good to me until I have the…

2. …measurements of Needs and Wants that could feature in my photographs. Once I have these, I can size the ratio of the red box illustration correctly and make the white cube set to the scale needed.

3. I need to make a list of the Needs and Wants that I want to feature for photographing. This is very simply limited to the things that I can feasibly get hold of, such as iPods, iMacs, laptops, mobile phones (or indeed iPhones to complete the hegemony) or cameras. I’m quite keen to stick to the use of technology as a benchmark in what people Want, due to the ease with which we so often replace our mobile phones in particular as opposed to something like a diamond ring or pearl necklace.

So. 2, 1 and then 3 kind of everywhere I go in the background being mulled over.

Oh! Also 4. Find a hammer to photograph. Think chunky and satisfying to imagine smashing into a window. I’m under the impression I have mallets laying around in the garage, so I’ll check it out when I’ve made the set. It can be photographed separately on a white background, ready for superimposing/manipulation/printing as a sticker/poster element freestanding of the main red box.

[Edit: Also think about consistent lighting when taking the photographs]

I also need to readdress what can go in between the two boxes. Though as fate would have it (and completely contrary to the idea behind my project) I was watching the space I chose to fill, get a final coat of paint as another shop moved in. Typisch.

But! I have a plan to adapt this to my advantage… sort of. Something independent of a campaign or affiliation in the strictest sense, perhaps with just a single statistic inbetween the two juxtaposed Needs and Wants. There used to be a Somerfield, not 5 minutes walk from my original site and this is still an unfilled space. In place of my own images at the moment, the internet has once again proved its worth in obscure photomatter by providing me with an image of the site as it was when it was occupied.

This stretch of windows coupled with the unobscured view into the dark depths of the gutted out interior should prove a nicely suitable for my box posters. The chipboard effect might be something optional if the view of the deep looks good in combination. The windows of The Mall’s old space for T J Hughs might also be appropriate due to being in a busier area and are also in a similar long stretch of glass for my display to be hypothetically mounted on. I’ll be fetching my own images when the time comes, of course.

One day I’m going to create something that isn’t going to require the word hypothetical, or the use of excessive computer simulations. Maybe I’ll actually print these and paste them to a piece of chipboard! The novelty of it!

For now I’ll settle for finding a typeface for the red units, that doesn’t look like it belongs in my bank statement.

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