Time Killing

With a tutorial in half an hour or so, I’m feeling a little more empty handed than I’d ideally like. After managing to take some measurements for my Want/Need items yesterday and from that being able to figure out the size of my model/set, I’ve hit a snag regarding my photographs of new locations.

I took the photographs of the new proposed location frontage while coming into Uni this morning and have neglected to bring the uploading cable with me to print and demonstrate that I have been thinking about things and not just watching The West Wing series 4, into the tiny hours of the morning… I normally rely on the SD card slot on the side of my desktop so having to keep track of a wire seems a little stoneage, but I’ll just have to call them up on the camera screen for now.

Additionally, after going out yesterday morning specifically to buy foamboard for my model/set, it turns out that I didn’t buy enough and have had to supplement it with more bought from the Uni shop today. At least with the time today, I can say I’ve built a mini model/set to figure out how best to join the sides together from the outside. I wish I could say it was a riotous success, but I remembered this basic fact after I’d made 90% of it. So with a more playing around with the joints/supports I’d already been using I have worked out an effective means of support in theory. I also used a print out of the red box design on the front of the trial model, which I won’t be doing in the final piece seeing as it will be added when the photographs undergo digital treatment and titivation before I print them all off.

This tea has also been stewing in my flask for an inhumane 2+1/2 hours now and it tastes surprisingly good  for it.

Off to pick a typeface for the job and consider my wording- I don’t want to actually incite riots and window smashing for the more gullible or angry amongst us all.

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