Wallpaper at the V&A

Tomorrow I’m off to London to attend an all day series of seminars at the V&A titled ‘Past, Present and Future: 25 Years of Wallpaper’. I booked it when my original plan for my minor project was wading in heavily with the idea of making wallpaper and the development of pattern design since Modernism. While it might not be my area but it sounded tempting enough to broaden my horizons for only ten pounds for seven hours. Its not like I’ve been disinterested in pattern recently- I’m quite looking forward to the finishing talk by Paul Simmons, Designer and Co-Founder of Timorous Beasties!

Last night however after having received an email of the most up-to-date itinerary, it appears that the talk ‘The problem of Pattern: A Very Brief History’ due to be given by Trevor Keeble has had to be removed from the day due to unfortunate circumstances. Having not known of this specific topic before booking, I was a little miffed at its sudden disappearance from under my nose, given the subject of my dissertation! Nevertheless, I would like to try and get in contact with the lecturer and state my interest in the subject. Heaven knows I don’t need anymore research for my bibliography but maybe from an alternative source, something interesting could arise.

Early morning, late night once again!

Talk page: http://www.vam.ac.uk/whatson/event/1430/past-present-and-future-25-years-of-wallpaper-2533/

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