Post tutorial To-do list

Having written this all up once, I ain’t going to change much for this version!

1. The idea proposals/recreations so far have 2 separate identities/themes in the same form:

-The hangover of the Emergency Box visuals

– The Buy Nothing Day, Less is More ethos

They conflict visually and partially ideologically. ONE needs to be chosen. After group consideration and consensus, it was a 50-50 split. Wonderful. BUT given that I just refocussed my project on BNDay, I’m much more comfortable designing for a pre-determined issue and this is one.

SO. Drop the Emergency Box like its hot.

2. What am I trying to do with BNDay? Publicise but most importantly, PERSUADE. Why should people do this? They have money they want to spend, so whats appealing about my alternative? I say Less is More, but why should people follow that ethos? A typical challenge for any campaign. How do I convey that being less of a rabid consumer can be a positive thing?

SO. Communicate: why BNDay exists and what people can do instead.

3. Stop visually dividing the frontage into two, unless it can be designed in a very unifying way (ie. inside a frame or very close together).

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