Buy Nothing Day imagery

A quick look at what has preceded my work.. It appears very little official and centrally distributed material exists for BNDay, leaving people to create their own work that is much more diverse for my perusal!

Taken from a zombie walk in Ireland- could images of zombie shoppers inspired by B-quality horror films catch peoples attention in a humorous way? Photo link to original article from BND ’09

Above example source

More after the cut

Gorgeous retro styled poster from Deviantart user, definitely hitting a specific age range and lifestyle audience.

The iCraze is used here to access a product mentality in addition to a target audience: from advertising blog

These above from here in addition to the wealth already on the Adbusters website gallery here, focus on the barcode as a striking and flexible symbol of consumerism.


A peculiar one from this blog, below

Much like another very specific example by a user from Deviantart:

Yet something strange that I’ve noticed is frequently occurring characters in the imagery used in the promotion of BNDay:

BAGS! Empty or otherwise, they seem to feature heavily as paraphernalia that we associate as containing our commodities. Maybe its the luxury of holding lots of bags at the same time? Maybe its coming home knowing that we get to open them all again and see whats inside?

Its what I picked up on for my first design scribbles while reeling from my last tutorial, and it may well be the best if it is so broadly connected with the shopping experience.

Maybe in order to make the connection an unfulfilled one, I could show the bags as empty in a later version of imagery?

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