JAKe Talk : Maidstone Hazlitt Theatre

In what is another spectacular move to avoid typing up my dissertation, I’ve booked myself a seat on the talk by an ex-UCA Illustration/Graphic Design student, that is taking place tonight. Being free and having seen examples of his work on the posters advertising the event around Uni, I’m genuinely intrigued to check him and his style out. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a site link up as well as a quick response to the event.

Maybe I’ll also convince my sister to come into town for a meal afterwards, so we don’t waste the evening away at home.

And in my defence, 800 words is a lot to type up at once when you’re adding another 50 words per 100 already written.





Edit 10/11/11: It didn’t seem to warrant a whole new entry when this one was so (uncharacteristically!) short already, but I can safely say that I picked up a few interesting pieces of advice from this talk. With an approximate 12 people crowd (80% Illustration students), there was enough industry, practice and skills chat for me to find relevance.

Perhaps the most important thing that stands out even now (hands up now, it was about a week ago) is the way in which you approach potential employers. This can be with a phonecall, most definitely not an email, a conversation or in what you send them to introduce yourself and your work. The suggestion that sticks in my mind is sending a postcard or sticker with images of your work on. While I can see how this would be more beneficial for freelance illustrators specifically, the concept of distributing something to hang around an office is still a valid one. Something useful maybe?

I live the idea of a peg for some reason. A peg in place of a paperclip. I could spray paint them and everything. But this might just be 4 hours sleep talking. I’m aware it will need considerably more work. Much like a beautiful CV incorporating a few examples of my work and style. Still. Its something to think about when the unit rolls around.

Maybe I’ve found a use for all of those Second year paper cranes after all?

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