Balloon – Bag 2D Development

If I’m going to make any 2D incarnation of this idea at all – which seems highly likely, given a stipulation for more material- I’d like to get a head start on how it might appear. Running a print and 3D solution at the same time would be nothing new to me, as long as they both still resonate with each other at the end. And being the one who’d be doing the running, I like to think I’d have a hand in whether they do!


Trying out different media drawings of the simple motif of my idea was useful in figuring out what style and effect I wanted the image to have. Something marker and quick or something brush and slow, biro and scratchy, ink pen and thick lined.

On discussion during my tutorial it emerged that there was a quality about the rightmost red marker drawing that through the line variations, looked particularly effective. It was suggested that when I go 3D once again (much like returning back to the mothership) I should consider a brief experiment in colouring the edges of the models to create a lifelike drawing. A 3D product bearing 2D characteristics, as representation of a cultural sign and signifier. I think. It made alot of sense when we discussed it, and still does to me, but for the lost I can refer you to this for the underpinning idea. I’ll be posting pictures of more dinky paper bags littering my desk, when I get around to illustrating my point.


I had a few ideas for layout and form already, but it was the appearance that I had already focused on for my experiments in Illustrator.

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