2 Weeks Later

Just thinking about this project feels like I just left the room having arranged my to-dos and plans for the rest of the brief, only now I’ve come back in to look at them again and someones jumbled up and hidden half of them. Probably an apt comparison given the jumbling and inevitable fact that anyone’d be a little rusty after a couple of weeks sleeping. Coupled with the fact that I get confused when I have to focus on things properly, for a while. I genuinely get a headache when I think too hard about work- I’m not sure whether to laugh or sigh!

Apparently, all the axons have been severed and now they have to connect again- DON’T I KNOW THAT FEELING. Uber stiff neck I can deal with, but this is so frustrating. I know its going to take as long as it’ll take but… A consultant my sister works with was saying that I probably have a fantastic bruise on my brain, which miffs me slightly to think I’m missing it. But given that my anti-nausea meds are doing the complete opposite, I’m wasting precious screen allowance rambling and excusing myself.

1. Have decided to make a 2-piece model as an example for what would be placed in shopping centres etc. One sunk red balloon and one floaty green balloon. These would be attached to bags with signifiers/indicators that I’ve looked into somewhere in my book. Or with a Less is More/Less>More maxim somewhere. I would need to make one of each of these.

2. A couple of poster designs, perhaps using photographs of these balloon objects, or made in Illustrator. They would have to tie in with design of the…

3. Leaflets with information about BNDay, to be given out or put into surrounding bags. Not with balloons on. The balloons are signifiers of freedom/enlightenment and I don’t want them to get tied down to bags containing material about BNDay- it might contradict the messages of the red balloon on the floor and the green up high.

All I can do is present where I got to and feel pathetically wound up about it.

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