Winding Up

I’ve just discovered that there are a thousand and one exhibitions I want to go to, not all of them in London, and I can’t think of a more inconvenient time to realise it! As if I’ll have time to zoom around and catchup at the same time! Its a concern enough as it is…

I’m going to note down my lost loves here so I don’t forget them and maybe I’ll look them up in more detail (or maybe visit!) when I have more time:

Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935

29 October 2011—22 January 2012

The Royal Academy are putting on a tasty sounding exhibish at the moment:

This exhibition examines Russian avant-garde architecture made during a brief but intense period of design and construction that took place from c.1922 to 1935. Fired by the Constructivist art that emerged in Russia from c.1915, architects transformed this radical artistic language into three dimensions, creating structures whose innovative style embodied the energy and optimism of the new Soviet Socialist state.

I’m listening to one of the available podcasts for free download at the moment and despite lacking in visual references, theres alot of really interesting historical, sociological and design information in here that is easy to listen to. The second podcast has some very indepth analysis of work and artist motives within the political climate of Soviet Russia.,1891,AR.html

I’m giving up a weekend to go and see this before it finishes, I’ll make sure of it!

History, yumyum :)

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