The Epic To Do List – 11/1/2012

Nothing to see here, just planning my next few weeks. This is of course depending on me not getting too caught up in everyone else flying around to meet the original deadlines. I dread to think how infectious the panic is going to be in a couple of weeks. But thats neither helpful or positive! Complete speculative scaremongering!

Hit the ground running and I can print this for my sketchbook:

1. Minor Project

Start making the designs and concepts I have already outlined in my last section of work. Conceptually my final outcome will be a prototype set for a Buy Nothing Day street team or individual/s wishing to promote or highlight awareness of the event. As discussed, buying the set would contradict the message at hand so materials would be sent out for free. Alternatively, stencil patterns, posters and leaflets could be made available for download and distribution via the central organisation website. This is already employed as a ‘Toolkit’ from the BND site: here . Those wishing to put more resources into their publicising would be at complete liberty to do so.

Kit contents (all to be made for handing in):

– Carrying box: cardboard box with lid of the appropriate dimensions to hold all of the materials produced. Stencilled slogans and text onto the sides in appropriate colours. Also to form part of the potential public display

– Balloons x4: All to be printed with Less and More text, on 2 correct colour schemes. Apparently printing text onto balloons is possible at home? I can’t find a cost realistic means of printing  latex balloons through the internet. I’d be happy to have a batch of 25 if I had to, but the printing in white combined with the different designs is making the costs average out at around £100. I know I’m enthusiastic about my work but…eek! I’ll have to investigate the method of marker pen onto latex, which I’ve done alot of in the past but not with a template in mind.

OR I could have foil balloons and live with the fact that they aren’t the archetypal childhood-happy-memories-at-the-fair shape balloons I’ve always had in mind. If I’ve read the pricing guide correctly, I should be able to get uninflated foil ones at a fraction of the price. Plus the company is Kent-based, so delivery shouldn’t cost the earth. I might make an enquiry tomorrow and explain my situation.

– Poster and Leaflet design x 4: By creating 4 designs to be translated across both formats, I can produce material to be distributed by volunteers in the street and or by individuals in the workplace, university, public space or home. 4 designs should be a reasonable amount to aim produce, with their planned simplicity, production methods and time required to design each layout. Leaflets can be stacked in the carrying box for storage as well as a means of distribution.

– Printed Bags x2: 2 examples of the custom made brown paper bags will be required to demonstrate the visual message of my campaign. MORE bags will be weighed down with heavier air-filled red balloons. LESS bags will be attached to helum-filled green balloons. Only the physical presence of the bag itself keeps the few green balloons tethered to earth, while conversely, the increased numbers of red balloons only serve to further weigh down their respective bag. Bags will be hand printed by screen or computer depending on final size and success in production of larger models. Bag size should not greatly exceed the size/footprint of the carrying box, to prevent folding and creasing.

D&AD Project Coutts Installation

I wonder whether in the face of this brief, I was ever going to stop being so self indulgent and choose a more sensible option? This needs its own post to get up to speed and started properly, I have already scratched the surface of research by looking at the company history and values as well as dissecting the brief in my sketchbook. After my first meeting with a fantastically inspiring new tutor, we’ve decided that the best option for me to now pursue the lines of the archive material applicants were given to base their responses on.

Yes, for tomorrow, Victorian handwriting is becoming my specialty. The materials were clearly given as a clear indicator of something that they want to communicate as Couttsness (their phrase, not mine)  to their audience. Something old and new. A modern company that deals in security and trust, with core values that appeal to discerning customers with the money to deposit with a very old establishment that understands them. Tradition, heritage, the fundamentals of wealth, gold, land, deeds, legal papers, wills, old banking ephemera, seals, bonds, bars, perforations… Beneficially to my train of though, it seems there were alot of intricacies I hadn’t thought about, from the perspective of narrative, human interest and content in itself.

Next week, its to London, to the Bank of England Museum. What it might make up for in something else, its relevant at least its free!

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