Minor Project Progress Update & Museums in London

So many updates so little time.

Today aside, I have mainly been working on finishing my minor project before diving in deep once again with my D&AD brief. I am now at a stage with it where I am confident that my remaining tasks now lay with construction/compilation and printing.

As per my Epic To-Do List:

Carrying boxes have all been printed. I printed multiples while I had the opportunity, so collectively, there should be one with less faults to submit over the others. Unfortunately, in spite of paying for the more expensive boxes, they too had preprinted material on their sides too. False advertising! No matter, I was able to deconstruct the boxes and turn them inside-out. The side seams will be on the outside, but when they are properly glued they will still look presentable if not ideal.

I have also added my own laid out to the design of the kit boxes. Where my original boxes had a pre-existing section for detailing To/From/Contents, I have printed my own ‘checklist’ that can be use by the organisers to inform the recipients of the contents of their kits. 8 large bags, 12 small bags etc. To continue this communication with the recipients, I also intend to design a small leaflet to rest of top of the kit when it is fully compiled and sent out, stating what it is and some suggestions for BND events/stunts. Plus mentioning the fact they are all handprinted. It may smooth over some of their ‘handmade’ inconsistencies! Thats if I have time…!

The 4 variation leaflets/posters have been prototyped and some printed in my planned A3
format. After the initial promise of my screenprint inspired design, my collection of designs felt extremely incoherent. Without a common style or motif to link them together, there was no real consistency or unified brand to the work. This in mind, I returned to the simple illustrated balloon imagery that had been successful and appealing earlier in the project.

Working to these final concepts, the slogan Buy Less, Live More has been brought back into the process and better explains the balloon analogy in isolation and collectively.

The information side of the leaflet has also been standardised to reduce time spent on each leaflet design as a whole. As a product of the Now and catering to the fact that these will be distributed in public spaces, I have also added QR codes to the leaflets that direct audiences to the BND website for more information. This is as supplement to the information I am already providing, for those more interested in the event. In terms of quantity, I am unsure as to how many to produce for my final project. While I would want to create an approximate recreation, I cannot justify printing 200 leaflets just to fill up my bags and boxes.

All of the bags have also been printed, 2 of the large bags displaying the MORE, LESS and date/website up the sides. These will be advised to be used in weighing down the green rubber helium balloons, provided in the kit. Alongside these are small amount of brown paper bags that could be distributed with the leaflets and posters, also with the MORE and LESS text printed onto the large faces. Unfortunately, the thin paper and strong glue combination meant they were unable to be deconstructed, which means they are without the black date/website. But if they are to be handed out in conjunction with the leaflets and posters, this information will not be too far from the bags themselves.

Finally the printed foil balloons. Such tricky customers. While the results on some of the 8 sides were perfect, some require much cleaning up before handing in. But a tiny bit of water and gentle teasing from the already delicate colour layer of the foil, and the screenprinting comes clean away. I’m not sure these would take kindly to be inflated, so to document and hand in this project, I will (hopefully) be buying some flat and helium inflated balloons in the morning to set up the kit as it might be (recommended of course) laid out in a public. At least I’ll have a specific window to take photographs of the kit when it is fully assembled!

So. Nit pick and clean up foil balloons. Re-assemble large bags and add handles. Finalise leaflet and poster designs. Trial prints and to stop using the floor to store flat pack boxes, start putting one together. I could always compile a complete kit, buy balloons and photograph it before handing in? Images of the kit in a non-studio setting would probably be a helpful addition to my hand-in and tie up the project nicely.

Oh, and make a leaflet for the top of the box. 5 items on the To-Do List. Sounds like enough to be getting on with for another week at least.

Tomorrow will be filled with London, as I multi-task my way around the city to aid my D&AD work at the Bank of England Museum, as well as soak up some tasty infographics at the London Museum of Transport. Having seen the small Isotype exhibition the V&A hosted a few months ago, I hope ‘Poster Parade- Painting By Numbers’ will add to my appreciation of real statistic and information communication. Plus, the era style of the artwork should be something beautiful to behold in its own right. It turns out that I hvae alos missed the opportunity to attend a talk and film evening at the museum titled Future Cities:

An eclectic selection of short films, animations and motion graphics that present evocative visions of future city living. Juxtaposing utopian fantasies against nightmarish dystopias,Future Cities highlights the obsession today’s image makers have with the possible metropolis of tomorrow. The screening will be introduced by onedotzero and followed by a Q&A session with guest filmmakers.

This sounds so relevant to my interests, it makes me want to cry. I love dystopian material. I only hope there will be some meaty texts in the shop that are connected to the event.

But the Bank of England Museum is my main focus of the day. I’m hoping that with my ideas and leading concepts in mind, I might find a form to borrow or some cues for banking graphic language that I can incorporate. Photos abound.

Transport Museum infographic exhibition: http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/whats-on/displays/374-poster-parade-painting-by-numbers

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