London of the 26th

First and foremost I need to get my newfound love for the exhibition and environment design at the London Museum of Transport, off of my chest. Walking in faced with this, is definitely one sure way to win me over:

So I developed a serious crush on the attitude the museum displayed towards design, even before I got to the sections that had displays of TFL design memorabilia and artefacts. In themselves, the amount of poster/information graphics that I had visited with the intention of seeing was very small. Only a strip of 9 or so posters was put out under the ‘Painting By Numbers’ title, which was strange considering the amount of design related material already available (literally) directly underneath it on the lower floor.

Nevertheless the materials they had presented were ruthlessly informative- some with more literal representations of data than others. Some in particular seemed to be exercises in clear presentation that was more reminiscent of time tables. Perhaps commuters of the mid 1920s were not as pampered as we are now. I’d think it was a strain to take in and find interest in a sheet of crisply presented numbers, as they walked by? It does have a wonderful order to it, if nothing in the way of vibrance!

With the small offering appreciated, I moved on to the Sense And The City exhibition, which focussed on the role of technology within the modern city and how this has (and will continue) to develop.

Much of the exhibit was used to explain the advances in modern technology, a wall clarifying terminology that was once alien, and another with technological proposals in making London more interactive. Sadly, only a tiny panel on nightmarish architectural visions of the dystopian city, but I enjoyed it regardless.

Where this may have been a side excursion to my purpose in travelling to London, it is unfortunate to say that my visit to the Bank of England museum was not as inspiring as I had hoped it would be. I’m not sure what I expected to come away with, but I’ll have to write up my scribblings tomorrow, when I set out some more plans and ideas for the brief.

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