Stacking Up

I sense a theme appearing…

All the pieces (save the latex balloons, flat or otherwise) are now all here.

Now just to finalise the leaflet/poster artwork and get a wedge of each printed. A small, sample sized wedge that won’t cost me the earth in colour printing. Probably 2 of each poster design also, seeing as they would be A3 colour. Of course I could just print on printer paper and say that they would be cheaply made, but that would be ignoring the fact that people may want nice copies to begin with. So it might be worth looking through the paper samples again if I think anymore about it. I’m not sure what benefit it would be, but I’ll consider it because it can be considered, and might have a noticeable impact on the overall impression of the work.

Oh, and since I’d like the posters to be rolled up, I have great incentive to go out for another run and pick up some free red-colour-co-ordinating rubber bands courtesy of Royal Mail. Kerching!

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