Tutorial and To-Do List – 31/1/12

Todays tutorial was amongst a little organisational chaos, but I think I reached a good outcome nevertheless. 3 points, lots of reminiscence, GO >>>

1. Scrap the idea that doesn’t fit.

The first of the 4 designs      that I (guess which!? > ) started working on for my printed freebies has never quitetaken on the theme or appearance of the others. It has more momentum, a little pound sign joke/reference in the balloon strings and is much more crowded.After spending half a day working and reworking this design, I was beginning to despair. But it was nice to be told today that it should be designated to the scrap heap- nice for my judgement to have been proved right and not having to spend another day bending my head around creating a crowd of rising balloons while retaining a lot of white space! Somewhere along the line I had convinced myself that having 4 designs was imperative. Now I’m left with 3 designs that co-operate brilliantly, both visually and conceptually.

2. One compromise too far

A little while back I mentioned that I had a tough decision to make regarding the appearance of the balloons I would use in my kit. Using the foil balloons destroys the message that the ‘traditional’ rubber shaped ones carries so effectively. The associations of childhood and fun in-particular, are a great loss to the meaning of the work. The foil balloons bring nothing useful to the concept so it is for the best that I ditch them too, in favour of searching out the perfect rubber balloons onto which I would ideally print onto.

As my tutor commented, the printed designs/text is simple enough that it can be imagined onto an object, if the object itself were in front of him. Still, its not as if the experience of printing them has been a complete loss!  I’ll check with the printing department tomorrow and see if they can think of a solution or can recommend a more reasonable outside service, but I’m not pinning too much hope on it.

Now I know for sure that I can get hold of a pack of inflated and un-inflated balloons for the morning of my hand-in date. I really hope they don’t mind that horrible rubbery smell settling into the studio..!

3. Screen presence

Like most consciousness/awareness raising campaigns, BNDay has a website for people to easily check out what the day is about in more detail. This is certainly one of the top hits in a Google search and must see a lot of traffic as the ‘official’ website for the event. In this light, it has been suggested that I create a design for the BNDay website that is in line with my other materials. My tragic html skills mean that it would take me no shorter than a year to make the homepage alone, so I will be creating a splash/home page in Photoshop/InDesign. Having already given my audience a printed link to the website (courtesy of the QR code), it makes sense to present the experience that would follow.

The existing homepage is rather sombre and fragmented- a serious message at heart without the presentation of tedious blocks of lecturing text about the event. Yet the simple colour range is something I am likely to continue using (with my own selection) and the array of images scattered through the text will probably be decreased. Simplicity and white space, making the most of the top/bottom of the conventional web page layout as opportunities to continue my floating/grounded analogy.

As for the D&AD? Thats tomorrows game. I seem to have got a little stuck on the larger picture after paying such close attention to the details. And the concept! What of the concept?! I think its lurking under the surface, but with 2 weeks left, I think its about time it was given a shove into the daylight.

If all the timing works out, I’ll get stuck into the StUnion AGM. StuUnion is always better than I think its going to be. At worst I hear they have pizza, hahaha…

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