Paper Jamming

Paper paper everywhere, without a papercut *touchwood*

I’ve mostly been nit-picking my designs and printing out to scale today. When I say it like that it makes me feel richer. I’ve spent about £10 in the last couple of hours, but seem to have discovered that sugar paper has the utilitarian, budget, hand produced feel that matches the ideology of the event. (Which is slightly inaccurate, in that BND is not about how luxurious any number of things can be, but the excessive consumption of them)  As I understand it…

I’ve printed out colour duplicates on both types of paper that are capable of being run through the laser printers. Barring the one on the GD corridor that insists on smearing blue up the page, the effect on the natural coloured sugar paper is as fault and blotch-resistant as I hoped it would be. I don’t think I’m even going to try printing on an inkjet, as I know for sure that the graphics will be much fuzzier. It is also only 5p per A2 sheet, which makes it a brilliant option for mass amounts. The fibres and imperfections in the paper seem to emphasise the ‘grass-roots’, recycling, low-tech approach to the campaign that I have taken, by making a hands-on piece of promotional ware.

Given the increased weight and thickness of the sugar paper, I’m also confident that it will tolerate being rolled up and secured with an elastic band, without sharply creasing and cracking the material. Folding the leaflets into shape was satisfactory, the fold requiring very little force to come out sharp.

I also managed to have a quick word with the printing department this morning re. printing on latex balloons, and it seems that the only way forward is to dive into experimentation. The only obvious obstacle is the calculating of the shrinkage rate of my logo, so when the balloon is inflated it will stretch to the right size. I do have 2 more weeks to finish this project, but I think I will have to weight it against my other 2 units. I’d like to go the extra 1/2 mile, but taking into account their simplicity they are still only desirable.

I’ll probably have a gallery set up on the Base Room walls by the time I have a tutorial, but at least I’ll have something to look at while I wait.

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