Minor Project – Completed prints

Simple, yes. Shiny, certainly. Expensive, a little. Well executed, I’ll let you be the judge.

I do not intend to alter the A3 posters in any other way, but I had conceived that they would be stored and handed out like batons in the street. This in mind, I will roll up one example of each poster and have another 2 on flat display. The leaflets have been hand cut with a knife, creased and glued. I might trim the edges if they look a little fuzzy, but they have turned out strangely crisp. As a double thickness print on sugar paper, an individual leaflet feels (and sounds!) remarkably like cardboard. This is slightly more up-market than I would have aimed for, but I like the fact that I have a good quality feel to my product. The natural fibre and variations in the unbleached paper has made each piece unique.

Unfortunately there is a minor print error in the Shop Less leaflets, but that reassuringly (or not) is solely as a result of the printer and not myself. Unless this is picked up as a problem that would significantly affect the quality of my work overall, I do not intend to rush down to the printers again. My perfectionism is warring with my sense of practicality, but the budget is running a little over for this project as it is and I can always reprint later for flawless display work.

The presentation sheets for the balloon and website designs aside, this is the last section of my project that I can actually get done before the morning of the hand-in.

All thats left to do is have the balloons inflated the morning before heading into Uni. Unfortunately latex balloons don’t stay reasonably inflated for long (10 hours max), so I’ll have to photograph the completely assembled kit on the Base Room. Its odd putting it on the back-burner until the last minute, since I’d like to get it all done-and-dusted. In the face of the D&AD, making a cover page, final read through and binding my dissertation is looking like a cake-walk. However, I can hand the Diss in earlier if I need to, so perhaps I should get that out of the way!

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