Final Minor Wrap-Up

Its been a longer road than anticipated, but we got there. In fact, you look a little weedy from this angle. What took you so long?!

Luckily for me, all 7 display sheets were perfectly mounted in one shot. They cover the basic artwork examples on plain white paper, as well as the mobile portal and homepage redesigns. This left more time for typing up my accompanying label and descriptor:

Nicola Tilley

Third Year Final Minor Project: Buy Nothing Day Street Campaign Kit > Category: Final Minor Project


Buy Nothing Day is a single day event every year, which aims to open consumers’ eyes to the role of the individual in the rate of global material consumption. By setting the challenge to spend as little money as possible (ideally none) for the day, it is hoped that we reconsider life without the need for the most up-to-date fashion or must-have gadget.

As part of an awareness raising campaign, this kit has been designed to contain the basic materials needed to stage street level publicity: leaflets, posters, balloons and bags. This kit also includes an introduction booklet of helpful tips and ideas.

The concept behind the kit lies in opposing colours, positions and ideas. Coupled with a bag to represent the consumer, the repeated motifs of floating green and sinking red balloons have been designed to relate to the consumption of material goods. In the green, a freedom is conveyed by the ascension of the bag. Conversely, the red balloon constricts the movement and liberation of the bag. This imagery is used consistently across the range of materials produced.

To demonstrate the aspects of the campaign it was not possible to fully produce, mock-up design sheets have been made for display. Red and green balloons with simple white printed slogans would also be included in the street kit. Plain yet correctly coloured balloon samples are included in the final piece.

Parallel to the design of the street kit, the event homepage has also been redesigned to reflect and incorporate my work. Two mobile web pages have also been designed to serve as portals to the event page, when the QR code on the posters and leaflets is scanned.

I’ve tried to strike a balance between introductory and explanatory without going into the  depth best reserved for an evaluation. Really the only thing left to do now, is blow up the balloons and arrange it all on the table tops and walls. If there is any room left anywhere in the GD department that isn’t already covered in fantastic submissions… which I’m beginning to doubt!

It should however, look something like this, but with more wall. And balloons.


Save accidents and emergencies, I consider my Minor now complete, which now only leaves me with proof reading my Dissertation printout and my D&AD. It was odd watching 40 something pages being printed out and knowing that they had taken me the best part of 9 months to create- the parallels were a little awkward to say the least. But one more hurdle and I can trot off to the binders in town. Not before running the title past my tutor. The phrasing doesn’t quite sit right with me and I’m not sure why, because it covers my line of enquiry. Perhaps it doesn’t sound fancy or complex enough for me?

I would look forward to getting my head down and starting to form something solid to develop for my Coutts/D&AD, but with the Portfolio and Personal Development sessions being something I cannot replicate in 2 weeks, they are strictly unmissable. It doesn’t feel quite like I’m doing 4 or even 5 simultaneous projects anymore, but the personal branding and composition of portfolio structure feels so important to get right- and not just for its 15 course credits value. Its difficult to keep perspective sometimes, especially with the Final Major Project looming ever closer and least I forget the graduate show in London!! Which is shaping up to be a real team effort, with regular meetings now scheduled and ideas already being bounced around on Facebook.

Its quite reassuring to think that our little basement won’t be a complete shambles! As for my personal design contributions, I think I am once again, running on a different circuit to those in favour at the moment. Admittedly, I had an indecent amount of fun designing what I have already, but it is neither classy or serious looking. It is rather blobject inspired, with very few straight lines in sight- the exceptions being those in the type. But as Mr Barnbrook alluded, there shouldn’t have to be a  “‘pro’ way of doing things”. Except from when the desired impression is clearly professional and serious. But my instinct was playful and thats where it lead me.

Ohwell! Your concept is not in this tree, please bark up another…

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