Faberge Big Egg Hunt

Lazy Sunday updates are lazy, but I thought I’d share my Southbank-centric finds from the Faberge Big Egg Hunt. To call them ‘finds’ is a little grand, I’m sure you’ll bump into them if you’re in central London from now until 3rd April 2012. *insert motivational egg pun here*

You can get involved by using one of the zone maps provided on the website, to pick an area in which to start your hunt. I wouldn’t worry about bringing a magnifying glass, these eggs are extremely visible and the ones I saw were drawing their own small crowd!

I think it is worth saying that the design of these maps is gorgeous in themselves- beautifully detailed, brightly coloured and still simple enough to be understood by all ages, languages etc. At the moment I don’t think my back would tolerate the walking needed to find them all, but after a sneaky peak at the cheat sheet, I might be persuaded to have a look around the most concentrated areas!

Unfortunately however, it appears that these objects are becoming an endangered species, with 2 already reported stolen or missing (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17165551), so hopefully the rest will be left to nestle in peace. I’m off to London again tomorrow, to see more at the Design Museum as well as the Tate Modern. Maybe one day, I’ll have time to sit down and do a proper blog about them all!

All the information can be found on the Faberge Big Egg Hunt website: http://www.thebigegghunt.co.uk/

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