D&AD submission sheets

I’m pretty happy with the way my final submission sheets for D&AD are looking at the moment. I think another couple of hours with a fine-tooth comb and I can confidently pack them up until submission day. Unusually for me, I’ve blitzed the design in one day and seem to have unconsciously come up with a grid that fits the exact maximum numbers of images I need to display! I really like the look of these pages and have taken the precaution of making spaces for page numbers so I can print them out if needed in the future.

At 140×150 dimensions, I imagine they would also look quite striking mounted on black board and set on the wall. Perhaps an ideal display option if the binding idea falls through? At least I’m making more headway on this submission which frees up headspace for 2 more endeavours I am about to embark on!

If I had told first year me that I would voluntarily take on extra projects, I would have fainted. Now? I’m making sure I’m breathing deeply…

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