New connections & A Personal Creative Identity Crisis

After a day spent conquering my personal fears about networking sites, I feel like I have a small presence on a few more corners of the web.

You can now find me on Tumblr and Behance, as well as Flickr, Twitter, WordPress and Facebook. I feel such a social media floozy.

The next step is LinkedIn but as I keep telling myself, its got to happen sooner or later. That is regardless of how it reminds me that in a few short weeks, I won’t be calling this University my home anymore. And after 3 years getting settled in, that is a scary thought.

So i just thought I’d reiterate all my points of contact here (as well as the contact tab) for those who may or may not be interested:

Twitter: @TilleyScribbles      Facebook: Nicola Tilley

Behance: Nicola Tilley         Worpress: Nicola Tilley (you’re here already!)

Tumblr: Nicola Tilley            Flickr: Nicola Tilley

Obviously, the updates on Behance will be larger than the others, so may take a little more time to catch up with. Tumblr and Flickr will probably be less neglected. So drop by and say hi- I won’t bite!

Tonight I’ll hopefully start posting some ideas about my Final Major Project. I need to be seriously on the ball for this one, having ~10 weeks to complete it as opposed to the 14 afforded by the rest of my year. Hopefully this will be the last parting shot from The Accident, from beyond the horizon of 2011.

After having a small creative identity crisis yesterday, I’ve decided to take some advice and take the risks. Because trying to pull something a little different off is better than doing badly on something commonplace. Or maybe that just highlights the complexity of doing something ‘easy’ or ‘conventional’ in an unconventional and fantastic way?

Alot of my projects haven’t been like anyone else’s. Which is a truism in its own right. But for a year or so, I’ve been feeling like that person who took the wrong course. After 3 years of having the diversity, complexity and indefinably shifting nature of graphic design paraded right in front of me, I’ve realised how much I still rely on that singular (outdated) definition to validate what I’m doing.

My last project covered what I would have considered to be ‘conventional’ areas of design (posters, leaflets, websites, ad campaign material) and while I put some serious work into developing a concept I didn’t do as well on paper as I would have liked to. Why? I can only surmise that these easy things aren’t as easy as they look. I’ve tried doing what I thought I should do, what everyone else was doing, and maybe I’m not cut out for it.

So in spite of being disappointed with myself, I’m going to do something ‘different’, something that focuses on an external aspect of design that actually, I’m pretty interested in that might well have a proposal type outcome (which I fought vehemently against in the early stages of my Minor).

But I’ll be in it.

Preliminary research in the next post: less of the soul-searching more of the social gardening revolution!

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