Personal Identity – work in progress

As as assessable part of my final year work, the Portfolio and Career Development unit covers the creation of a personal identity, career plan and portfolio. All the sorts of things we’ll need to hit the ground running come this summer when we’re released into the community. While easy to say, coming up with something that gives a flavour of your personality and default style of design is not as simple or enjoyable as it first seems. Of course, I may well be talking to people who know what I mean precisely, but in 4 weeks I seem to have run through as many concepts.

I’m an analogue girl at heart, so I scribble down all ideas and variations in colour, to transfer the one that works into digital. This does not seem to mitigate my thinly veiled distaste and venomous hatred for each new idea, but I persevere regardless.

So in an effort to get a new angle on this latest turn-out, I’m posting it as it develops:

I wanted to start working on a rough layout for the invoice, since this is the one piece that I seem to have the least idea about.

It makes no sense to start there when I was only one sheet into my development, but I think seeing it in situ helped shaped a lot of the decisions as I went (ie. understanding where logos and information would be placed).

The origami crane is a fantastic relic of my Second Year bookworks installation that has nestled into my subconscious.


When you spend 3 days of your life folding various stages of paper cranes for 6 hours a day, I suppose it stays with you. 

Joking aside, the hand-made, touchy-feely, crafted (and feminine?) connotations of origami and the infamous paper crane are something I am trying to evoke.

By using a geometric flattened impression of the crane, there seems to be a clean, ordered look to the icon that fits the text. Perhaps I should try a more 3D image, to really emphasise the 3D aspect to my work? In hindsight, this seems to be a much more accurate representation of myself! A more three dimensional illustration might also compliment the idea of the simple, single ‘folded’ band that currently works its way across the pages of my paperwork. At the moment, the design is mainly black and white with flashes of green. I need to be careful that it does not get too stark and devoid of any interest whatsoever.

I secretly suspect that I’m just looking forward to doing something fun with my business cards. As attractive as a vase of small cranes with contact details on sounds to me, a calling card needs to be precisely that- card shaped. It will still have to be stuffed in someones wallet. Plus I need to respect the theming of the show around me.

So the question is how do I integrate my 3D tendencies into a 2D card? Depends how many I need to make…I could sit and cut them all in odd ways to get a unique shaped edge to them. That may be a little drastic. Maybe first I can think about nailing the artwork and concept before planning my individual promo material!

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