Sowing Sum-up

In all honesty, it is difficult to rationalise whether I have actually achieved much in my work today. WIth digital work, printouts or even paper or cardboard construction, it is easy to forget that you have instant access to the finished result. This is something I have been learning today, where after successfully planting a collection of seeds on Oasis, corrugated card and kraftboard, I found myself staring at them rather forlornly hoping for them to spring up so I could see what grew best. Clearly, there was no such luck.

After having planted up the camomile however (if I was impatient for the previous pieces to grow then there is little hope for me here), I resolved to make some cardboard 3D models of letters to get a feel for the type of construction problems that I would face when scaling up my work. At the moment I think the most challenging element will be the side of the figure shown in corrugated card. Attaching this face on a model 20cm in height posed a considerable problem. As a rough plan for any scaled up models, I would strongly consider the use of identical width bands to hold together each readable face of the letter. The template of the letter itself would also have to include tabs, to ensure that the corrugated face was secured to a maximised surface area. There was also an issue of finding the correct width of corrugated strip, but I think this will resolved itself when the letter depth is constructed more accurately.

This is of course not taking into account any problems I may encounter with the growing aspect to my work. I’ve got my spray bottle to hand and can do nothing more but keep an eye out for 4-7 days.Between uploading pictures of mouldy books and writing this, I have chosen a typeface that I feel would be appropriate for the 3D models to use:










After the small tweak to the A height, these are an uncanny representation of the style of type that I had in mind already- tall and reaching but not spindly, modern, relevant and sans-serif. It should belong on the streets, showcasing the plant life. Additionally, the shape of the type would also need to be simple in order to not eclipse the unique plant qualities.

This would not be used further as part of the charity branding however, as it is much too formal, aggressive and squared when displayed in body type. The spacing is also horrifically wide. You could fall down those spaces.

So I’m making some 3D visualisations of the letters, to which I can apply some more defined slogans and a digitised logo for Oasis. Which will be digitised after the visualisations. Busy times indeed! So stop blogging, keep working!

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