Out of Sync | Fernando Casasempere

The installation currently residing in the grand entrance courtyard of Somerset House, is Out of Sync by Fernando Casasempere.

The work recreates ‘the joy we feel at the site of blossoming daffodils signalling the end of winter and the beginning of spring’. The creation of 10,000 ceramic daffodils from by-product clay from industrial processes, clearly has connection to nature that is reflected in some of his previous works. The field of static blooms, endeavours to ‘remind us of the wonder and accuracy of nature’s clock, against the backdrop of an ever changing environment’.

Naturally, such a photogenic opportunity was not to be passed up lightly!

 I’m sure there are better photos of it with todays stunning weather, but these are my twopenneth!
Somerset House installation information: here
Fernando Casasempere homepage: here

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