Pick Me Up Goodies from London

Trinkets and useful info from my first visit to Pick Me Up.

So many beautiful things to buy and unfortunately my student budget (and somewhat lacking in a house of my own to place them in) couldn’t afford them all.

Unfortunately Strangely enough, I was fascinated with a set of enamel painted modelling clay bones, in the Peepshow Collective area. From a set of 15 or so and at £25 a piece, it was a struggle to choose just one of the ‘Tattooed Bones’ to take home.

Handmade by the collective artist Andrew Rae, a quick look-up on the internet reveals that he truly is an individual of multiple talents. Having exhibited as sculptor and illustrator, he wins a special place in my esteem for having illustrated for The Mighty Book of Boosh. After attending an interesting evening with JAKe, I seem to be collecting the great and good from the circle of Boosh! Not that I mind in the least…

I genuinely can’t put my finger on why I find it so intriguing. The feel of the object itself is soft and gentle, and fits across my four fingers when in a fist. The colours are beautiful and theres something about that look on the moon’s face thats a little sad but resolute (if not deliberately emotionless). But the brush strokes are small and certain, and there is a balance that pleases me in the images. Out of genuine interest I may email the artist and ask, because nothing is quite like hearing someone talk about their work, to really get a feel as it was intended.

As the lineup of the full set shows, the choice of images on each bone is eclectic, intriguing and deliciously surreal in some cases.

If you’re out there Mr Rae, I only wish I could have bought them all. Alas…

Andrew Rae homepage here

A more detailed (read, image laden and flabberghast) post rolling up right after this one.

Pick me up is running until 1st April 2012: homepage

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