Building Blocks

Once again, the only way to get it straight is to make it.

And actually, I’ve found something pretty unexpected. By utilising the key shape in all this, to form moveable islands of grassy seating the impact is dramatically less monolithic.

With a tall board (as the site for my grassy-stencil typographic concept) to divide two islands, the layout has the potential to be more varied.

With more flexibility for layout, the piece appears much lighter and open to the flow of people and space around it.  Dynamic, thats the word I’m looking for. Much more so than the epic high back bench that I had in mind from the conception of the whole setup. They’re scrappy, but the models have paid off once again.

And the desk mess? I make no apologies for that, its the status quo at the moment!

That 2 pint equivalent mug of coffee though? That IS a new installation…


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