It caught my eye… at Pick Me Up, London

This might be the most amount of entires I have ever made in a day, but this one will be shorter with some of my specific picks from the exhibition stands and displays.

Firstly, it being my maiden visit to the event, I had not had a chance to appreciate the event aesthetic and material itself. Being me, and currently nursing a crush on signage/wayfinding, this first exposure manifested in a fascination with the interior signage, information displays and ambient elements that made up the show.

Bold, fun and above all, clear. And on every surface too! The incorporation of 3-4 key graphic images such as the arm and the arrow in different colours, made for a seamless reading indeed. You were in no doubt as to when you were approaching the space or whether the bit you were in was part of it! I would hazard that the style and continued explosions of colour throughout the fair, contributed to the buzzing atmosphere but maybe it was viceversa…?

However, I kept my eyes off the floor long enough to find a few bits and pieces that really made the day for me:

(Pardon the image quality, issues with the upload) Some of the best displays and some images above, feature work from the lovely people of Nelly Duff, Soho Warriors Football Club, Soma, YCN, Many Hands, People of Print, Cachetejack, Print Club London and Scrumping with Puck Studio. Incidentally, the images top left are by paper heroes of mine, Zim and Zou. A completely unexpected joy to see their work in all its three dimensional glory!


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