Leaflet shots: The Happy Show – Stefan Sagmeister

While on work experience today, I jumped at the chance to record and upload some photographs of a gorgeous leaflet that was delivered to the Baseline studio this morning.

Baseline Facebook page for complete gallery: The Happy Show.

A beautiful ambigram piece of typography thought it could trick me into thinking it wasn’t, but I sussed it out in the end. I’m a little distraught that it’ll be showing in America and not over here, though. Hopefully it will traverse the pond eventually!

Now boy do I have alot of work to be getting on with, but my coffee fuelled night of working hard appears to have paid off in the light of day. I have chosen a young, playful tone of voice when in written communication with my audience, in addition to working up some sample text to set on my seating dividers and signs.

I think there is a way of suggesting that green places/matter are good for people without being too preachy. Perhaps by striking up ‘conversation’ with passer-bys and city regulars with lines such as:

Got those Monday Blues? A quick walk in the park can get you moving and boost those feel good feelings |

This little Oasis is doing its bit to reduce CO2 and noise pollution in your city- and its not alone! For more information on seeing green in your area, visit ……

You look fabulous on that colour green  |

Branch out this lunchtime and escape the office, to see what difference a walk makes!

Mmm smell that! Vehicle exhausts don’t smell great on anybody. Which is why we have a plan to make you smell roses and not rubber!

Like what you see? Green patches like these are proven to boost your mood and reduce levels of stress! For an even bigger boost, find your nearest park or green space with our map app.

– Now theres an idea – Instead of making map leaflets or finding my way around NOT making them, what if I made some app screen shots? I’ve already got ideas about the icons and signs. If I apply them to a Google map base (ie. hijacking a directionally and details superior map covering a much wider area, than I could have created), I could have Oasis style pins sticking out of an Oasis customised map.

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