Project Catch-Ups

Working on as many things as I am at the moment, I am acutely aware that I am neglecting this blog at the very time I find keeping it most productive! (Un?)fortunately, I have a few items backing up that I would like to post during the 2 weeks break from Uni. Yet since a break does not mean a break in the most classical school holiday sense, it is just as doubtful whether I will have the time to type them up!

Major Project
I have been woefully under descriptive of my Final Major Project concept, these recent weeks. Having not had the opportunity for guidance, I have been hesitant to make too many strides in its development incase it was not in the appropriate direction. Yet today confirmed the scope of my project as a proposal and I can now begin to list my presentation requirements and adequate supporting materials. Next post will be about Major Project…honest.

Graduate Show 2012
My role in the Graphic Communications 2012 Graduate Show has stepped up somewhat, in the commencement of the production stage of the invitations. Having admittedly taken a more back seat to the design process, I feel that now is one of the best times for my contributions. Tomorrows will be spent voluntarily shackled to a silk screen printing bed- a process which as I took pains to elaborate on before, I have a tumultuous but ultimately heartfelt relationship with. While I am confident that my recently refreshed skills will come flooding back with authority, I count myself lucky that I am not undertaking this task alone. With an estimated 500 pieces to be printed- at 8 invitations per batch – the printing will be divided between myself and another classmate. Luckily for us, we are only using one colour so washing will not be necessary. However rather unluckily for us, this single printed colour will be white. White paint on dark purple cardboard. Heaven help me estimating the acrylic/medium ratio!

Still, I look forward to the hands-on challenge and hope to get as much as humanly possible completed in a day! I didn’t get into craft and design to keep my fingernails clean!

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