Invitation Production

I mentioned earlier that as part of the production of the invitations for my graduation exhibition at Free Range in London, some screen printing was needed to add information to the stock we had already ordered.

From start to finish that Friday, the print technician demonstrated herculean patience and willing to try and make the plan a success. The exposing and fine-tuning of the screen stencil itself was nothing short of gloriously simple, which turned out to be of little consequence as the size of the pre-cut sheets made any kind of batch printing impossible.  Taping up my screen was a blow but it soon became apparent that with the best will and efforts, there were irreconcilable problems with inconsistent print quality, bleeding and sheer impracticality. It really is a shame, because when those prints were good they were beautiful, but the rest of the time they were laughably substandard. I really wanted to make them work as well, but perhaps it is just as well that we didn’t leave the printing until after the Easter break!

Having raised the issue of needing a Plan B, I last heard that a Less Is More strategy was being deployed. I still have a sneaking idea regarding lino and the reincorporation of the dotted line (as per the exhibition wall decorations) on to the back and front of the card, which I might put forward if it gets anymore defined. But it would be a hand stamp and be lending the holder more decorative purpose than functional- unlike the text due to be printed originally.

However at this point in the year, I can’t help but think that while it is unfortunate, it is not the end of the world. Maybe less will be more? I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground. The work may well have to speak for itself. Or rather, the idea will.

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