Cameras & Compost

As part of a concerted effort to getaway from the computer screen, today was spent in the greenhouse reawakening my green-fingers by potting up my plant samples for my Final Major Project.

Armed with my variety information and advice from Stepables (a website that has quite possibly, saved me weeks of hair-tearing), I was able to find an irresistible combination of plants that demonstrate the sensory scope of my project. With a range of textures, colours, sizes and subtle scents, I hope the types I have chosen are as intriguing and pleasurable for others to connect with, as they were for me.

On the purely practical level, I was also able to find an agreeable and highly practical couple of planters that can be made to fit in further with my proposal display by having a sleeve fitted around their outside. This may be in corrugated, plain brown or white cardboard, depending on whether I have the Oasis logo prominent on the samples. Longer tern care of the samples has also been taken into account by the use of a detachable underside to collect excess water. Hopefully it will not be required to a great extent, but I have also taken the precaution of using a specifically nutrient and moisture retaining compost to help them survive as long as they can! Plus, asking other people to remember to water my herbs and alpines when I’m not around, seems a little irresponsible!

Back in the office, I have produced some hand and digitally rendered simulations of my work in ideal urban environments. Admittedly, this has been much more challenging than my previous experiences with digital mock-ups, since the work I am inserting into my photographic environments is not photographically-accurately itself. I seem to be hitting them same problems, where the inserted imagery looks heinously out-of-place, whether through perspective, shading or scale. I know these aspects can be fixed, but I wonder whether I have hit one of my personal skill boundaries and will need to scale it in order to achieve the results I want.

Post samples of the simulations as they stand? Maybe not. At least not until I have time to improve and compare it to the new and improved masterpieces!

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