Absolut Treasure

Finally, a sneaky little blog post that I can really get behind!

For the last few years I have made it my mission to collect as many different flavours of Absolut vodka as I can. Yes, this is a questionable design related hobby and is exceedingly studenty, but give me a chance to redeem myself! After having seen a modest collection back lit behind a bar only once, the effect has stayed with me, prompting me to make my own. Since then, my quest has taken me to a few interesting locations at home and abroad, and I’m still finding new ones on the shelves!

Put simply, I love Absolut style, ethos and branding. I suspect it is their simplicity and colour that attracts me, although to me, their advertising is in a league of its own. With a history of distinctiveness and being an ‘alternative’ brand, some examples of interactive campaigns and events are truly inspirational as well as enviable. Which is not to say anything of the print campaigns!

But as for me, grabbing my own piece of a brand I love? Its all about the bottles.

And I’ll consume all I can get my mitts on. Which could realistically kill me but I’d be happy.

While I would love you introduce you to them all at the moment, tonight I will have to settle for the second newest: Absolut London.
Although not a flavoured vodka, the sheer unconventionality of this edition in comparison to the standard Absolut style, is something I have adored since I laid eyes on it. As one of the recently launched names in their armoury, this edition in particular caught my eye for its collaboration with artist/illustrator Jamie Hewlett:

To celebrate all things London this year, Absolut has teamed up with Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett to design a limited edition vodka bottle.

Now available at Selfridges London and Selfridges.com, the Absolut London bottle depicts iconic London characters through the ages – from 18th Century dandies to 1980s punks.

The design by Hewlett portrays quintessential London style over the past 200 years and is the first European city to be included in the limited edition ‘Cities’ collection.
Selfridges website here

 Today brought an odd stroke of luck, as I have strangely acquired a limited edition, Absolut London martini glass while buying a bottle of the newly released, Absolut Wild Tea. After talking to the sales assistant for a while about my mounting collection and been shown it, I had not noticed it being put in my bag and was surprised to find later on, that it did not show up on my receipt. The mind boggles..!

But I can say now that I have a gorgeous matching set that compliment each other in content and colour. Normally more abstract in shape, colour and content, the more refined illustrative design of this edition is similar only to one of my existing collection: Absolut Watkins. Perhaps that’ll be my next odd entry, to break up the course work?

The amount of flavours and editions is a little dizzying (the Absolut Wikipedia page offers a checklist of sorts), so it is just as well that I don’t have the time or money to build up my collection with any speed. Then I really wouldn’t get any work done. After all, I’m only collecting the bottles- I never said anything about saving the contents.

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