London’s Parks – Location Hunting

As part of the mockups of my concept presentation, I will need photographs of possible or ideal locations for both my signage and Oasis seating. As such, today it fell upon me to perform the hard task of walking around 3 of London’s parks and take the photographs I need. It was a tough job too, with all the sunshine and fresh air. The lengths we go to for our work, eh? I managed to work my way around Victoria, Grosnover Gardens, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens before calling it a day and pursuing some more urban locations.
My camera has been especially kind to me recently- I’m getting too used to escaping post-production duties!

Rather appropriately, all this walking gave me a chance to sample a taste of my own medicine. Once I started looking around at the space I was in, I was continually struck with the strangeness of having this kind of green space in the middle of a city. People were sleeping on deckchairs, eating sandwiches on park benches and eating picnics- all with cranes and skyscrapers (in various states of completion) creeping in above the peak of the tree-line. It was decidedly surreal, the more I dwelt on it! But what sights there were below the trees. I have no doubt that I picked a great day to sample park life, but as a person responding to this stimulus this micro-environment could offer, I imagine it might provide some relief for those in need of a short break.
Speaking of which, I also found the beautifully designed Education Centre and LookOut Point within Hyde Park- the home of the movement which started my project on its conceptual journey. This building quite rightly exuded organic inspiration, timber based as it was, with coloured and frosted leaf/insect patterns on the side. The sweeping curve of the roof is not easily mistaken for any of the other buildings in the park, and I hope to venture inside one day when it is open to see what it is all about in more depth.The fenced gardens that surrounded it looked rather zen based from what I could see, with a healthy dose of scandinavian for good measure.

So, 100 pictures later and I am hopeful that I have taken some images that will be useful bases for my final project submission- and even if they aren’t, I’m sure that it has not been a waste of my time. There was a little shopping to be done, as a reward for all my walking, but THAT is the subject of my next post but one.

One which I have been very much looking forward to…and it is mercifully extra-curricular!

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