First Class Degree Show Invitations: check

After a fantastic effort at the end of the Easter break, it looks like the invitations to our First Class Degree Show in London are ready to start being sent out. After cutting the backing cards, I had considered the carrying out of 300 item-strong repetitive tasks to be something of a forte.Yet I was proved wrong when I laid eyes on the deceptively small box in which our actual invitations arrived in.

They were of course, unfolded. To bring our invitations to life, they required a simple 9 step folding pattern to transform them into aeroplanes. Of course, this is easy to say and quite another thing to undertake. To spare you the detailed events of the folding table, it seems needless to say that madness succeeded in striking us all at one point or another over the period of 2/3 days. I was only able to take a single batch of sheets home to fold, but it was enough to ensure a speedy end to their construction.

All laid out on the table they looked so harmless (only 9 of my digits would agree that sentiment) but we rose to the challenge and now they have been completed! And if I say so myself, they look pretty awesome too.

Now, its all hands on deck for the digital presence in the form of a dedicated website for the show. was launched this week and I’m really looking forward to seeing it filled up with gorgeous first class work.

All respect and praise for the design and production of the invitations AND website can be deservingly directed at my fellow third years, graduating in the show too: Alfie Kelly, Luke Chandler and Anthony Boyle (links redirect to sites of their most up-to-date projects). If they don’t open a collaborative studio and make it, then theres no hope for the rest of us!

Incidentally, we tested their flight capabilities down the long graphics corridor and were pleasantly surprised. Naturally, we performed exhaustive tests to make sure that they were ready to be set loose, and were completely above competitive behaviour. Until somebody suggested it- then it was war. Hopefully their recipients will have as much fun receiving them as we did making them!

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