‘Some Books Are Meant To Be Tasted’ – My contribution

Thought I’d post a quick update using the photographs of one of my bookworks pieces, sent to me by one of my tutors, Silke Dettmers. Ordinarily I’d post some pretty standard pictures but I have the pleasure of uploading ones of my work in an international collaborative exhibition involving UCA. The work was a brief exploration of the idea that by using the pink/red/purple colour swatch cards as indicators of love or passion, I would be able to censor the content of a romance novel. The few photographs I took of it for my project records (below) were taken on a phone and tucked away for later use.

However, the next photographs show the piece displayed in the Columbian leg of the 3 stop tour. It is still extremely strange to see an object made in a day for as a playful exercise and with limited materials, in a display case!

I really wish I could have travelled to see one of the exhibitions, not only to get a sense of satisfaction, but to also see in more detail the rest of the exhibition! From the photographs alone, I have already found a beautiful piece that appears to have been inspired by organic matter.


With a case of carpeted moss, I can only imagine the incredible smell of it! And the texture…! Mwah! I am particularly intrigued by the spindly frame that unfolds from within, that has too, been enveloped with delicate and spongy fibres. Extremely impressive! I would love to give credit where it is due for this work, but I do not have any details to do so. I am trying to get my hands on an exhibition catalogue, so it may be possible to do so then.

That reminds me… I must get around to uploading some of the best images of my mouldy book experiment that I retrieved from the garden a month or so ago.

If/when I can get hold of a copy of the catalogue, I’m sure my excitement will be audible. Because it was overseas it was easy to forget that it happened, but this does not meant that I am any less grateful for the chance to display or consideration of my work as worth being displayed. Not to mention SIlke, for recording it all and being kind enough to share her work!

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