Study Mondays at Baseline: Perseverance

After a few weeks of chipping away at my task, this week I was finally able to complete the construction of 41 beautiful Scribble Books (I’ve mentioned these before in more detail here). Of course, I say beautiful because I made them all by hand from A0 sheets of card and extra printing sheets! The process has not been without its hitches- the most significant being my consistent but nonetheless incorrect stamping of the book sleeve. This week however, I was able to overcome this problem by reassembling the relevant pieces, trimming and re-stamping them, in addition to solving the problem of insufficient numbers by successfully adapting previously unused material. After finishing their construction, a sample of the notebooks were photographed from every conceivably intriguing angle and arrangement. Hopefully these will be appearing on the Baseline Facebook page when Issue 60 is published. I think there are even a few cringeworthy ones of me in there too, setting up the stacks with an odd look of glee on my face..!

I have been reminded of several virtues while undertaking this task, but none more than patience. Slowing down, triple checking and scrutiny of each individual item. Naturally enjoying handmade work, I approached this task with a measure of care and attention that I would have already given while performing for another. I had high expectations of my own abilities and wanted to achieve the standard that was expected of my work. However, problems and misunderstandings are, bound to happen in processes that involve such unforgiving tools such as scalpels, where one slip and suddenly not only one but two sheets are ruined! I have tried my best regardless, and I think the final products are testament to a perseverance with accuracy, responsibility for fixing mistakes and in one case, ingenuity!

The only remaining task is to compile miniature envelopes of ephemera to place inside the covers. By comparison, this has the makings of a much simpler task.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last week, it is that there is always room for error in the simplest appearing of tasks. Attention, patience and accuracy should always be at the top of any list of virtues.

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