Construction update

Ahh back to blogging- its certainly been a while! Tonight I have managed to convince myself that one night off will not undo the work of all the late nights previous. It gives me a chance to catch up here and actually enjoy it instead of hurrying to get something else done!

As my tone might imply, I’m feeling a little more resigned relaxed about my project at the moment. I know that while I always work as hard as I can to reach something perfect, I know that I’d very well make myself ill trying to do it. I’m getting to grips with the idea that when something isn’t or can’t be made perfect, it can be ‘good enough’ as the honest product of my hard work. I can’t do any better than that. I say this now of course, but come results day I’d bet cartwheels down the GD corridor that it won’t be the case! I’ve printed off everything that I need to at the moment for my major project (which is my sheets for the wall, under-planting text and handbook sheets) and have already been through my complete set of Portfolio&Professional Practice materials twice this week.
(Which reminds me, I must post some of my identity- then I can incorporate it into the blog image layouts and make it easier not to confuse people if they visit.)

But what about my Final Major Project? One project at a time!

After the design of my presentation and booklet sheets, my biggest concern with the finalising of this project has been the portability of my growing samples and models. It has been a very practical concern, that has had a tangible impact on and active role in shaping the scope of my models/samples. However, with my thyme mound still alive *touchwood* I was in a position where the proposed underside applied floor text and plinth needed to be produced.

Due to the mild waterproofing needed for both of these, my first attempt at creating the text base was through printing onto adhesive backed white vinyl. Unfortunately inspite of taking the most logical and careful approach, the size of the sheet made applying it to the A0 sized foamboard extremely difficult and resulted in crinkling completely. Admittedly, my normally well-exercised patience ran out at that point and it went flying across the room in a ball, but perhaps this was for the better.
After reprinting at slightly smaller dimensions on heavy matt paper, it occurred to me that a laminated surface with peelable adhesive backing would eliminate the need to mount the text on any thicker/more durable surface. This was cheaper than I anticipated, and after a trim, successfully paved the way for todays work to make a strong, moveable base for a plant with a diametre of 73cm and weighing in at over 15kg.

Today was spent running backwards and forwards between Wickes, Homebase and University in order to find 4 working castors with brakes (for ‘elf and safety all round). This is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to make the journey twice because one of the first set is so broken, it is baffling to think why it was for sale in the first place. Yet when I managed a full set, I was able to complete the simple trolley with help from Martin in the workroom. A quick lick of emulsion to tidy up the edges and I took a deep breath before peeling back the sticky backing of the text piece. The laminate was infinitely more forgiving than the vinyl. I had expected a tough time with the vinyl, but the amiable laminate made up for the earlier frustration.

So. I am pleased to say that at this moment I have a complete set of presentation sheets for the wall, as well as a stand that is perfect in size and transporting its heavy load at University AND for the London show. I’m going to bring in the plants on Wednesday, for arranging and settling when I put up all of my work together. For now, it is in the GD Base Room, with a polite notice for its preservation.
 Its just as well it wouldn’t support my weight, because I have a nearly overwhelming desire to skateboard down the corridor on that thing. Its like a giant football, it moves so smoothly! Maybe I’ll give it a go if everything goes well on the other side of marking. Sitting on it. Going very slowly. Generally, I’m feeling pretty happy with the way it has turned out.

Just don’t ask me how much those castors came to…

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