Jobs and ends

I’ve trimmed the props for my final major project display, photographed my personal identity kit and just need to make my digital copies of CV and Portfolio. I might just be on the right track..!

And at last, my to-do list seems to be dwindling- save the ever present anxiety of having to soon find a job in/near/overlooking design. I’m highly conscious of ‘getting rusty’ when I’ve finished my uni work, a little like I did when I took a year out between my foundation and this course. As a consequence, the pressure to find, impress and produce good work makes time spent not in a studio or office feel terrible! There were a few cobwebs to blow off when I started this degree and I think they only really disappeared in my second year. I’m sure much of it was related to confidence, but I proved to myself that getting back into the swing of things was possible.

At the moment I’m caught between keeping in the loop and taking the break that I’ve wanted to take every summer but didn’t feel like I could. I’ve worked really hard for the last 3 years and in-spite of everyone telling me how great these few years are, I haven’t actually been having a lot of fun. It seems to be a truism, but while working hard isn’t fun but it does get you things. In theory.

I still don’t know where my skills and interests fit in the massive spectrum of art, design, crafts and all manner of creative production. Perhaps instead of being told to refine my area of work, I should concentrate on finding any opportunities at all and jump on them- irrespective of the area. I honestly don’t think I have the luxury of choice at the moment, to go only after jobs or agencies or areas that I have my heart set on. The intern and entry level market is going to be competitive enough without being picky. Most entry and junior positions seem to be asking for 1-2 years of experience which must create a laughably vicious cycle, surely? Its the same old chestnut: places won’t give experience but they will only take people who have it.

At the moment, I think the best thing I can do this year is not put a deadline on having a job or experience.

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