Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

Following the fun I had at last years Clerkenwell Design Week, this week I intend to indulge myself in attending events for all 3 days and really get to grips with the companies in the area. Alongside the tours, discussions, open-houses and demonstrations, I am really looking forward to breezing around what will hopefully remain, the sunny streets. And given that registration and most of the  events are free, I can’t think of a reason why not!

Some of the events at the top of my to-do list for tomorrow include:

ALAN KITCHING – A Private View
A chance to get a glimpse into the private collection of typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner, Alan Kitching. See his latest work, a print created exclusively for Milliken to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Clerkenwell, and listen to Alan’s thoughts on traditional craftsmanship and life in Clerkenwell.

(shortly followed by)

Creative, hands-on workshops run by Clerkenwell based graphic designers, Turnbull Grey

Is there any sweeter phrase to lure me in, than ‘creative hands-on workshops’? I can’t wait to get there early to make sure I get stuck in. My only concern is for my wardrobe…I tend to get covered in whatever I’m working with, however carefully I work.
Incidentally, both of these events are being hosted by the Milliken studio. This was where I attended an evening debate about ‘Design Crimes’ that informed the direction of and was referenced in my dissertation, so hopefully my return will be just as useful.

Also on my list is ‘Let’s go outside’- a ‘presentation by artist Paul St George on why creativity in the public realm matters more than ever. With The Cass, London Metropolitan University.’ being featured at The Gallery.

I’m rather grateful that many of these workshops and talks are repeated throughout the day, giving people the most opportunities to attend as many events as possible! I’ve already pencilled in my must-dos for the three days, and it would look daunting but for the knowledge that so many of the studios are a stones throw away from each other. At least I will be spared a little less walking, but knowing me this will probably only serve to boost my curiosity!

I feel like a kid in a candy store!

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