Zoetrope Trains

Taking all these trains back and forth to London at odd times of the day, has given me a nice patch of time to let my mind wander these days. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I keep thinking about train platforms. Especially the ones that we pass through at speed. I always look down at the tracks and make myself nauseous following those cobbled together sections of straight lines. For those of a motion-sickness persuasion, look away now…

Scratching the surface with some research, I’ve found these:

Which while fascinating isn’t quite what I had in mind for something to amuse passers by.

Its funny how things stick in your head for ages. A few weeks before the hand on of my Final Major Project a couple of experimental musicians – Rotary Signal Emitter – had been invited to play in the Student Union Bar for the evening . I wanted to go at the time, but the (now I can say!) punishing workload unfortunately made it impossible. The fact I regret this is irrelevant, but I remember the promo video as clear 5 minutes ago:

Rotary Signal Emitter – Side A from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

I’m not sure the word hypnotic does it as much justice as it deserves. Compared to the simple narrative approach of a conventional zoetrope, I think I prefer the abstract qualities of the pattern work and colours. Maybe mix the location/application and imagery? Perhaps it would need complimentary sick bags.

But its just the inklings of an idea. It may all end up on the growing pile of interesting ideas ‘For Later’.

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