Don’t Just Sit There!

My work at Proud Gallery continues this week, getting off to a more pro-active start than I’ve become used to. Instead of continuing research for the upcoming show, today required me to once again employ my closet passion for wrapping items for sale in the gallery shop. I might have mentioned in an earlier Baseline post, but for what might be considered a menial task, I get a disproportionate amount of joy from seeing beautiful neat wrapping at my fingertips. While my fellow part-timer looked on in despair, I am happy to say that they certainly looked sale-worthy when I was finished with them!

In a welcome change of pace, I was also sent around London to shuttle material to and from Camden to the main gallery next to Charing Cross station. I don’t suppose I’ll ever have much cause to negotiate the Tube with my arms full of box files again, but maybe it will come in handy one day. Perhaps an unexpected postscript on the CV? In exchange for the material I found myself elbow deep in the glorious underground archive vaults of  the gallery, picking up new print and postcard stocks.

While heading back to Camden,
I allowed myself to have a wander through the bizarre and decadent photography of Marco Sanges, in his publication ‘Circumstances’. While accompanied by snippets of poetic musings, the exhibition and its opening should really be something spectacular. Even if ‘spectacular’ is a somewhat average standard, if reports of Sanges’ exhibitions are anything to go by!

Of all of the images in the book to choose, only this one reminded me of a completely different piece of art. Unlikely as it now seems, I cannot help but be reminded of Hopper’s ‘The Laundromat’. The overhead lights tailing off to the back of the cafe/diner, combined with the solitary female figure… Just me?

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