Cover Story 2013

As a major part of my dissertation and the long-removed original subject from my Final Minor Project, the pattern and surface design bug bit me about a year ago. Yet while I’d love to cite chunks of my dissertation and get stuck into talking about the ins and outs of ornament, it has only been recently that I finally fulfilled my craving to undertake some pattern design of my own.

Details of the Filofax Graduate Design Award were forwarded to me by a tutor a few months ago and I must admit, they sat in my inbox for a couple of days before I remembered to check them. It was a couple of days later still when I decided that having read the brief, this pattern/surface/fashion project may be just what I was looking for to pass the time inbetween applying for internships, working and travelling up to London 2 days a week. So I dug out my copious amounts of pattern book photocopies and doodles, and with a bit of homework, managed to compose a set of 4 patterns to submit a couple of days before the competition closed.

I can now tentatively say that on Friday, I received an email informing me that I was into the next round of judging. Strangely enough, while I have my favourites, I have no idea which of my 4 pieces is up to consideration. To say I am hopeful is an overstatement, seeing as there are 7 other people in my position who are clearly very talented…and I don’t come from a surface or illustrative background! The final list has been posted on the Filofax website here. I would love to post some images of my work but I am tempted to err on the side of caution not only regarding who now owns what surrounding them, but if only for the precaution of not jinxing anything. Yes, its just that silly.

Traditionally I have stayed far away from the area of fashion, finding it too fickle and changeable for my liking, yet I seem to have discovered in this project that quite to the contrary, the fact that it continues to change makes working with it actually quite exciting. Since the start of my research into the 2013 Spring/Summer forecasts, the resources had evolved and become more complex with predictions (the consistent and inconsistent ones) starting initially in colour dyes and loose pattern trends, before moving onto visions of soft furnishings and displays of fabric textures and moodboards. It was a wonderful foray to say the least!

There not being much I can now do to tweak my submission, I am putting it out of my mind until the next deadline. Unfortunately that date is just after my birthday, which means an uncomfortable way to spend a day irrespective of where I place. I’m still going to take a positive away from this however, being that what started as exploration has become something that I can be proud to slot into my portfolio.

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