Cover Story Update: Tweaking

Since my last update relating my entry to the Filofax Cover Story, I’m rather excited to say that I’ve had the opportunity for some feedback regarding my entry. Or perhaps as I can now more accurately say, entries.

By virtue of the email title I received with the original news, I had assumed that only one of my designs had been selected to proceed further into the competition. This is reasonable and good fortune enough for anybody, but during the course of the conversation I had with the Product Developer I was surprised to hear suggestions for alterations for 2 more of my designs. I’m quite excited to get started on making what are mainly colour related alterations, having had the benefit of more commercially slanted advice to supplement my research. Early start tomorrow I think, coffee, another cruise around some fashion sources, coffee and cracking on with some bang on trend palettes.

SO all this means that I will now be working on a total of 3 of my 4 submitted designs for a final deadline of Wednesday.


Strangely enough the design I disliked most was also the same one to have been neglected in this scenario. But then given that I was going to give up on this all, I’m not willing to take my gut feeling as gospel quite yet.

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