Intern to an end

The day finally arrived this weekend, where my 3 month internship at Proud Gallery came to an end.

Aside from the unusual amount of time spent zooming around London avoiding Tube maintenance, my final day was a great day to hand over to the new intern and I made sure I left him with a considerably more user-friendly organisation of the gallery laptop. If theres one imperative thing I’ve learnt from this, its ensuring that you have all your contact numbers at your finger tips! Maybe it was because I was at the most prominent information point in the venue, but the ability to be able to redirect people and find out information in any case, must be important in any position.

It’ll be strange having a lie-in on a Saturday morning in particular, but I’m sure thats something a little charity volunteering will easily cure. After all, between job hunting, applications and crossing my fingers I’m going to get cabin fever.

And hopefully I won’t be a stranger to London long, not with the start of Design Week! At last glance, my itinerary needed an impressive feat of temporal bending magic, so perhaps I won’t need as much time filler as I think…

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