Bounce Back

For what has nearly been nearly a month (since I last properly updated), it is safe to say things have been a little rocky in my patch of design.

Unfortunately my designs for the Filofax Cover Story Competition were not successful in making it to the last round of judging and this was naturally a little disappointing. Inspite of not coming out top however, I still think I can look back on the experience with a smile- and not just because of the lovely voucher off Filofax products I received with the news!) For my first entry into a ‘real world’ arena of competitive design, I had no tutors or authority to check my ideas against, nobody logging my progress, no university structure telling me when to work and when to play, and no friendly crits with people I knew well.

Even without the support I had been fostered with throughout University, I still managed to interpret a brief, work hard, develop my own ideas and sort the good from the not so good, carry out accurate research, present my work to a required standard and template, in addition to receiving and acting on feedback accordingly. That was a terrifying prospect when I started! Its all rather silly and obvious but I’d still rather encounter this now than later on down the line. Now I have a piece that I know is 120% me in my portfolio and that I made every decision on for better for worse.

After my initial disappointment, its taken me a while to realise how reaffirming it was for my abilities.

Of course, I may still know nothing and those designs may well have been worse when I sent them back BUT I’m still on the horse.

And short of putting a direct Batman quotation in this blog, why do we fall down? So we learn to get back up, keep trying and doing something new.

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