Application Successes!

I’m happy to build on my last post and announce that I was successful in wrangling some part time intern work at 2 locations in London.

I could easily start writing treatises on why I am shocked, taking into account the fierce competition out there and my anxiety about having two interviews in the same week, but I’m not sure that would be the best use of my time and/or self positive energies.

So until I start my new seasonal part time work in town, I will be spending part of my time helping out Ali Miller with the seasonal rush of orders, admin as well as organisation around the business. Hopefully this should include some work with Office, mass email send outs, packing and a hint of variety with the fast approaching Craft Central event in Clerkenwell. I understand that part of my role later on, could be helping out around this even too- only to happy to enthuse about pretty things to other people!

After my initial meeting at her flat, I got straight on with familiarising myself with the stockroom. This was (fortunately?) interrupted by a new order of products which all needed to be checked for damages and inventory before being incorporated into the existing space. Being conscious of storing and reusing as much packaging as possible, this lead to my epic reorganisation of the stock space which for the most part, I’m proud to say was successful! Hopefully, when I turn up later this week with my new laptop in hand, I’ll be all set to set my eyes on some new software!

This morning bought confirmation of my second application, for a 1-2 day a week stint at Sibley Grove. Before interviewing with Kate and Jeremy on Friday, I put my (normally reliable) navigation skills to the test by getting twice lost before finding the studio. Still, impressions could not have been made much worse once I had rung the studio with a plaintive voice, asking for directions.

Intriguingly, I was asked specifically about my experiences with screen printing, paper crafting/engineering and book binding. I put it on there in the interests of being thorough and now its been looked at as favourable?! Big surprise there! Any opportunity to make something physically come to life ail always keep me happy. I’m due in for m first day next Monday, so I’ll have a chance to brush up on some of my less confident areas before leaping into the studio.

With only a few days to go before my schedule gets a little more uncompromising, I’m taking the time to do the things I’m going to miss. I’ll be volunteering for (the last?) time at Cancer Research and giving blood, but this will mainly comprise of baking… at least the house smells good!

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